Binissaida – Menorca (Spain), XVII th century’s Villa

This villa was built in the XVII th century on a former settlement dating from the early middle ages.

Located near the entrance of Port Mahon, its architecture reflects the history of successive occupations, Moorish, English, French and finally Spanish.

It has been restored with style and offers upscale comfort. The house is surrounded by gardens and has a pool.

Perched on the border of a nature reserve, the villa benefits from a unspoiled view. The sea is accessible by a 15 minute walk or bike ride across a natural Menorcan landscape. We have a private cabin on the coast equipped with beach furniture, BBQ etc. The access to the water is easy (flat rocks).

Modern civilization (Airport, Mahon city center and road accessible beaches) are within a 15 minute drive.—menorca-spain

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