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This quality seal lists hotels, venues and services that have a long tradition and offer that exclusive atmosphere achieved from know-how passed down thorough generations.

APPLY NOW to Tradition Hotels quality seal : 


– Participation in a global but selected list of Tradition Hotels, venues and services

– 10% commission on bookings

– Guests must gets CLUB CONDITIONS on bookings via Tradition Hotels platform

– Participation in a link network program with hundreds of independent hotels, venues and services
– Introduction to thousands of new and repeat guests
– A full page online presentation with all necessary information and pictures on the TH website.
– Worldwide recognition through our strong name
– Adding value to your hotel, venue or service and your website by stating your membership
– Reach a new wide audience of the exact guest group you are looking for
– Leverage effect through the TH link program with hundreds of member hotels 24/7
– An new opportunity to be found and additionally reconized
– Joining in with a strong and growing network
– Adding value to your hotel by adding the TH member logo on your website, advertisements, stationeries and more
– Guests will choose your hotel over the hotel next door by seeing the TH Logo, Flag or Hotel Entrance Sign
– Personal guest referral from other member hotels and hotel guests
– National and international growing guest group every day
– International marketing campaigns
– Individual marketing campaigns
– Newsletter to over 100.000 potential guests on a regular basis

– Rental car special luxury service and upgrades for your guests and employees
– Global Travel Agent Program o private fly bookings
– Preferral direct reservation option for rental cars and airline reservations from your website
– Internal advantages like our optional employee rate program, advisory board and more
– An employment advertising section to list your vacant positions
– Excellent Social Media Presence
– A Fan Page on Facebook
– An Employee Forum Page on Facebook
– A Forum for Hotel Manager and Owners on Linkedin
– A worldwide VIP program
– A global Guest Loyalty Program
– Introduction of your Special Offer and Packages
– A full page color print presentation of your hotel, venue or service through the annual updated hotel guidebook
– Reach thousands of new potential guests and customers

Tradition Hotels provide luxury traditional recognition 

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Tradition Hotels gives exposure on social media to your hotel WITH HIS MORE THAN 40’000 TARGETED FOLLOWERS.

Your presence in this prestigious network drives traffic to your site directly  Sharing interesting contents about your house is the key to get exposure on social networks.


Tradition Hotels bring the public to your site. We are the “door opener” indicating your house to our large public on all the social networks. Today is the best way to get new guests with no commissions.

Tradition Hotels hotel social media and paper guide contents goes directly to the social networks

Visitors can share the contents on all other social networks.

New potential guests can see your house. It’s a good way to get new visitors ! The visitors can publish the pictures also on their social networks for a viral effect.

The main portal of  Tradition Hotels where we display all the houses that join us. Every new hotel is displayed in a special page that goes out to the social networks and the followers of tradition hotels in all the dedicated pages in the social networks …

Imagine :  200 hotels and every hotel has 10’ooo visitors every year = 500’ooo potential visitors with their friends… we can count 10 friends ? 5’000’000 new potential guests every year to your house. And the friends of the friends ?… Our hotels are nice and selected… it’s a reference for you and people trust tradition in hotels !

Today the importance of trust joined to social networking is crucial for your web reputation.

A tastefull presence on all social networks mean new guests !

Yes, I would like to be a Tradition Hotels certified member 

Tradition Hotels

The tradition hotels are CLUB MEMBERS and have this expectations :


As a guest of Traditional Hotels , you will be extended a special welcome at check-in.

When you book a stay in a Tradition Hotels just mention “Tradition Hotels Club” to enjoy special privileges and benefits that will make your stay at a Tradition hotels even more memorable.


Tradition Hotels will be delighted to extend you a complimentary one-category room upgrade (subject to availability at check-in)


When you make a reservation in a Tradition Hotels you will have the opportunity to book rates and packages that have been specially created for Club members.

Some hotels have chosen to promote discounted rates, whilst others have created once-in-a-lifetime packages. Either way, you will enjoy a wonderful experience in luxury surroundings.

Submit now :

Certify your hotel with Tradition Hotels label. You get new traffic to your page, no commissions.

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