Tradition Hotels presents : Antonio Cuellar, Interiors photographer specialized in luxury hotels


Antonio Cuellar is an Interiors photographer who specializes in luxury hotels. His dedication and perseverance has earned him several photography awards including being honored by the American Society of Media Photographers “ASMP” as best of 2013. He has also committed a big part of his life to martial arts and holds a first degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been involved with many non profit charity organizations. Most recently Flashes of hope. Antonio specializes in medium format employing Hasselblad and Arca-swiss, prime lenses and advance lighting gear to provide his clients the highest quality imagery, that look as good on a brochure as they do on a billboard. He is capable of making any resort look beautiful regardless of weather or time of day. He owns the majority of his equipment ensuring the client he will always have what is required to create the saturated, crisp, beautifully lit images he is know for. He maintains offices in New York and Miami and has local production teams and retouching studios in both cities. This gives his clients the option of 24-hour turn around should they require it. Antonio has travelled worldwide for his notable clients, recent international assignments have brought him to Mexico, Paris, China, Dubai and London. He is fluent in Spanish, English, basic knowledge of portuguese and received an MBA, which makes him especially conscious of maintaining proper communication with his clients and ensuring jobs are delivered on time and under budget. We look forward to working with you in future, and are always available for questions or estimates. No job is too big or too small. Antonio Cuellar Professional Photographer BA, MBA.

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