Mongolia on the path of gengis khan

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Discover Mongolia

Mongolia is more than just the home of the Mongols and the great Genghis Khan. Here the old meets the new, in a wonderful confluence. The capital Ulan Bator is well developed and is replete with modern amenities. Yet the country has not forgotten its ties to the past. 30% of the people here are nomads. In them, lives the fascinating heritage and rich culture of the land. 

Discover Mongolia has been assisting tourists who want to experience the legendary hospitality and wonderful culture of a simple, kind people. We provide a number of tours and packages, all of them designed with the utmost consideration. We have Mongolia itineraries for everyone; the adventurer (Mongolia Adventure Tours), the short holiday goer (Mongolia Short & Day Trips), the history buff (Mongolia Nature & Culture Tour), the wildlife lover or someone looking to bask in some native hospitality (Mongolia Discovery Tours). We guarantee you this. Your travel to Mongolia will be one of the best holiday experiences of your life!

And it doesn’t end here! On our website, you will find all the information you would need on Mongolia travel. If you want to create your own custom itinerary, we are happy to help you with that also. Our staff can assist you with any aspect of your tour, including with the arrangements.

To see the extraordinary beauty of Mongolia, there’s simply no one better to guide you than Discover Mongolia!

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