Guest & Staff relation web-platform : Hoxell

Tradition hotels members access Hoxel special conditions.

Hoxell is a Guest & Staff relation web-platform, quick to implement, simple to learn and use. It’s a proven, capable solution that delivers the essential technology backbone for your business.

Designed and enhanced by hoteliers and hospitality professionals, hoxell provides the operational capabilities, guest-service features, staff management options that you and your staff need to successfully operate.

The implementation of hoxell motivates not only the staff but it sensibly improves the customer loyalty management.

With hoxell you can be up and running in 1-2 days. These features make the system extremely interesting for individual hotels as well as for small and medium chains.

hoxell is a web application
enabling hoteliers to give their guests
great stories to tell

I’m a Tradition Hotels member interested ni Hoxel system, please contact me :

I'm interested, please contact me.

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