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A Partner…in the natural evolution of wellbeing Hospitality and wellbeing: an increasingly inseparable combination. The increasing need to escape from our stressful and hectic lives leads millions of people to take more frequent relaxing breaks and weekend getaways devoted entirely to taking care of themselves and their physical wellbeing. This is where the hospitality industry meets the new needs and habits of its customers by transforming and innovating itself with highly specialised facilities, with beauty spas in hotels, with design solutions based on versatility, modularity and maximum use of space.

The science of life Ayurveda is a science of life which focuses on subtle energies in all living and inorganic things as well as in our thoughts, emotions and actions. Our physical constitution is based on a special relationship between three Doshas, or Vital Energies. Also known by their Sanskrit names “Vata – Pitta – Kapha”, the Doshas are at the centre of Ayurveda. They determine the ability of staying healthy and also of controlling our reactions to the world that surrounds us. Ayurveda is a universal science whose principles can be applied to any civilisation and culture. Essentially, its purpose is allow us to understand three fundamental concepts, the simplest, but most common, and the most important for every human being: Who are we and How are we made, What is good for us and allows us to maintain mental and physical balance, What is bad for us and disturbs our body, mind and soul. Every human being is a microcosm that completely reflects the surrounding macrocosm, since they are both made up of the same matter. The approach to Ayurveda is done in silence, accepting a new vision of ourselves and of the people around us, introducing small changes which, day after day, make us feel better.

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