S. Nikolis Hotel & Apartments

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S. Nikolis Hotel & Apartments

S. Nikolis’ Hotel & Apartments hotel Built in 1300 A.D. established as a hotel in 1980. The world heritage listed walled Old Town of Rhodes, built by the Knights of St John, is home to the S. Nikolis’ Hotel & Apartments.
The S. Nikolis’ Hotel & Apartments with it’s hospitality continue the 2400-year history of the city as a crossroad between East and West.

Built on the 2000-year-old remains of the Ancient Agora, S. Nikolis is an intimate, charming sandstone hotel located on a quiet, cobblestone street in a beautiful part of the medieval Old Town.The Old Town of Rhodes bursts with activity day and night; the maze of narrow streets, stone arches, huge ramparts and original

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