Casa de Madrid



Luxury Stay in Madrid

Casa de Madrid is a boutique luxury residence, that offers a unique and romantic luxury stay experience. This small luxury property is located in a landmark 18th century building, in the old part of Madrid, where the Hasburg dynasty built their Royal Palace.

The house has many balconies that face the Royal Opera House, and have views of Plaza Oriente and the Royal Palace. Since this is a boutique luxury residence  you will be able to enjoy a more welcoming and personal atmosphere that you’d expect of an intimate luxury accommodation.  It is one of Madrid’s most fascinating homes, and includes 7 spacious rooms, a salon and library all decorated in the art-filled exotic decor of a timeless bygone era.

Casa de Madrid luxury residence is a perfect option to enjoy the best of Madrid.

La Casa de Madrid is the elegant home of the “ Friends of the Casa de Madrid Club “ cultural association of Spain. It offers a unique and often romantic experience to its worldwide members.  To anyone interested in understanding and studying Spanish culture, staying at Casa de Madrid represents a obligatory first stop on their Spanish culture journey.

Opera house have in this residence an special offers for long stay with our best service and complitly independient of the rest of the house.

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