Hotel Majapahit,Indonesia

Hotel History

Originally built in 1910 by the famous Sarkies brother, Hotel Majapahit is a classic landmark hotel filled with national pride, where an impressive history blends with romance and elegance. Its graceful architecture, landscaped gardens, resort spa and gym complete hotel Majapahit’s colonial style oasis with resort spa and recreation facilities.

Located in the heart of Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city and a fabled trading port since the 15th century, the Majapahit has gone by a variety of names over its long history.

*1910: built as Oranje Hotel (named after Dutch Royal family) by Lucas Martin Sarkies of the famous Armenian family whose collection of grand hotels included the Raffles in Singapore, the Strand in Rangoon and Eastern and Oriental in Penang.

  1. *1936: hotel front extended and built in the then-fashionable Art Deco style.

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