The Clarion Hotel, Toronto


Legendary isn’t a word used lightly when discussing a piece of history.  But here, legendary is magnified tenfold. Standing the test of time, The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby has become one of Toronto’s most revered hotels uniting classical ambiance with warm modern day hospitality.

How It Began…

The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby’s extensive history began as a private home for the Gooderham family in 1882. But in 1910, an overwhelming public response inspired the addition of a large, multi-room complex to the Victorian mansion.  The complex was later transformed into an exclusive girl’s school; known as today’s Branson Hall. On an auspicious summer day in 1915, the property was converted into a residential hotel.  Becoming the mainstay for a variety of colorful patrons to this day, visitors range from well-known dignitaries and politicians to the world famous novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernest Hemingway. Ernest and his wife Hadley stayed at The Clarion (in fact, they have 2 rooms in their honor) when he was working as a foreign correspondent in the 1920’s for the legendary Toronto newspaper, The Toronto Star. The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby is unique in its appeal. The Gooderham’s had envisioned a hotel as rich in character and tone as it was in design; and the current owners continue to hold that hallmark. Today, The Clarion carries on the time-honored tradition of combining the classical outlay of the original concept with the contemporary feel of our culture.  Featuring 82 newly completed renovated guest rooms and a spacious meeting space, The Clarion is equipped to accommodate all of your needs.

The Legend Continues On…for a New Century…

But what makes this legend distinctive? Reside in a historical landmark that has formed the fabric of Toronto’s landscape andbackbone of the city for almost 100 years. Integrate Victorian morals into your visit – and become part of our illustrious culture.  From the picturesque architecture to its gracious service, The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby offers you a way to immerse yourself in a piece of Canadian heritage.  This crowning achievement is a true testament to Canadian hospitality. You and your partner will experience a relaxing, utterly enchanting and truly pampered experience at The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby – where the classical becomes contemporary.

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